My Student Exchange Experience

Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U) Symbols and Meaning The GearRepresents technology and the history, traditions and identity of the University. Inside the gear, is the name Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U) in Times New Rowman wich was established in 1905
Book and TorchThe open book simbolizes knowledge and power while the torch with flame stands for enlightenment and wisdom
terAtomStands fpr science and technology , which are the main thrust of the university
IndustryRepresents the service sector where the graduates of the university are employed after completing the education
Laurel FrondRepresents glory , honor and success of the university
ColorsGold and Blue are the official colors of the university 


1. School Profile 

This school was established i 1905 as an elementary trade school known as the Iloilo Trade School. By virtue of Commonwealth Act No. 313 in 1939, the school was converted into a National School of Arts and Trade with Iloilo School of Arts and Trades as its official name.

In 1940, the school offered the Two-year Teacher Education Curriculum for the graduates of the secondary trade schools and Three-Year Education Curriculum for graduates in general high school.In 1951, the school was authorized to open the degree of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education (BSIE). 
The school was made a training center in the development of industrial arts program when the team of Industrial Educators from Stanford University arrived in 1957. In 1968, it also became a training center for implementation of the reconstructed manpower program of the National Manpower and Youth Council. 

In 1974, the Educational Development Project Implementation Task Force (EDPITAF) identified the school as the Regional Staff Development Center (RSDC) for Practical Arts in Western Visayas. It also pioneered in the implementation of the graduate program for vocational technical education in 1976 offering the degree Master of Arts in Teaching Vocational Education.
In May 1983, byue of Batas Pambansa Blg 395, the school was converted into a chartered state college known as the Western Visayas College of Science and Technology.

The College has grown into a leading technological and professional manpower development institution as it serves Region VI and the whole country.To meet its vision as the Center of Excellence in Science and Technology, the College has established its Local Area Network (LAN) that links different colleges and departments to the internet for the vast resources of the virtual world.Trough this worldwide web the College get wired, giving our students, faculty, and staff access to information highway that is needed to harness instruction, research, extension, and production of the College.The College Library has its Online Public Catalog (OPAC) for the users to retrieve fast and easy information on the author, title and subjects of the books.The Administration and Operation of the College has been certified by Anglo Japan American (AJA) Registrars and registered under the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:1994 with Certificate NO. AJA01/3635 on August 24, 2001.The College acquired a 1.5-hectare lot across the road in addition to its present 4.75 ha. area that accommodates the main ampus


ISAT U as a leading science and technology university in Southeast Asia by 2030.


The University is committed to provide quality and relevant advanced education, higher technological, professional instruction and training in arts, sciences, education, architecture, engineering, agriculture,, forestry, and other fields of study, thereby producing locally oriented, globally competitive and eco-friendly human resources. It shall promote research and development programs to advance science and technology and undertake sustainable extension and production activities.


1. Integrity

2. Commitment

3. Accountability

4. Responsiveness 

5. Excellence


1. Provide a nurturing environment where academic freedom is guaranteed and respected for the optimum development of human potential.

2. To produce highly competent and eco-friendly graduates, who will become leaders and experts in their fields of specialization.

3. To conduct research towards the advancement of science and technology.

4. To provide extension and production activities for the improvement of the quality of life in the community.

5. To provide effective and efficient delivery of services through responsive management of human, physical, financial, and information resources.


1. ISAT U graduates will demonstrate:

  1. love of God and Nation;

expertise in their field of specialization;

  1. leadership in the practice of their profession;
  2. social responsiveness, gender sensitivity and respect towards people and environment;
  3. awareness of and concern to domestic and global issues;
  4. ability to communicate effectively and think critically and creatively.

2. ISAT U graduates will work:

  1. with integrity and commitment in their respective fields of endeavors;
  2. harmoniously in a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural environment

3. ISAT U graduates will engage in:

  1. life-long learning by keeping abreast with the latest development in the society;
  2. the development and transfer of technology.  

2. Academic Support System

Iloilo Science and Technology University,  Laboratory Integrated School has several classes.  It is divided into Junior High School and Senior High School. For Junior High School, it has 4 grades from grade 7 – grade 10 while Senior High School only have two grades namely grade 11 – grade 12. They have a library, faculty room, clinic, and there are instructional media like a projector, laptop, printer, and others facilities for helping teacher to give a good stimulation for the students. They have separated building. The junior classes are located on the second floor and third floor of the teachers’ office while senior high school in new building, located in opposite the building from junior high school.

3. Teaching System

Learning and Teaching process will be held for five days, Monday to Friday, meanwhile Saturday and Sunday are free days. For each day, the class will be started at 8.00 in the morning and will be end at 17.00 in the afternoon. The school is using a full day school system. A teacher will be given an hour to deliver their lesson. There are nine subjects in one day. On free days, teachers usually don’t give any assignments because the students need quality time and rest. 

4. Materials and Learning Sources

 This school use the materials accordance with core curiculum of K-13. In every subject, the students and the teacher usually have two books. First book is for the teacher as teacher’s guidence and second book is for the students. I think it is similar in my country. In Indonesia also apply two books for each subject. The book for the teacher and the student. Sometimes the teacher will use picture, video, and create their own materials for teaching. 

5. Measurement and Evaluation System

The evaluation sytem this school will be reported every quarter a year about the progress of the students and every end of the year. But in my class i teach weekly tests for students after completing lessons perchapter.

6. Curriculum 

The curriculum in the Philippines is very different from Indonesia. They are divided into learning objectives and they are all based on their curriculum . The learning plan provides detailed learning resources, various learning activities, and development activities.


1. Teaching Methods

Based on the results of my observation the first week the learning method used by the teacher is a lecture and discussion method. In the lecture method, the instructor informs, explains, explains or accesses any information to students through discussion and understanding. This method is a teacher-centered method. The instructor is very active, do all the conversations. while the method of discussion is to stimulate thinking, interest, and secure student participation. Students in the class will be more active and cooperative in group activities. The discussion method can also increase student interest, acceptance, and commitment.  

2. Learning Materials and Innovation 

References books ;

Angelina, S. 2018. Exploring Life through Science. Quenzon Avenue, Quenzon City : Phoenix Publishing House, inc.

This book is used in my practice teaching, Biology subject, Grade 8 Diamond and Gold.

3. Sources of Learning Technology

Based on my observation during the first week of the program, the teacher used learning material which are including text book, projector, laptop, Power point Presentation, whiteboard, video and activity sheet. in first lesson, the teacher gave motivational activity using video about the topic. But before that, the teacher gave unfreezing first to the students. 

Diamond Class


Gold Class

In the picture we can see that the technology being used projector and laptop in the class

4. Aunthentic Assessment

Based on the observation in the first week of the program, the teacher used the assessment including the student’s participation when teacher explain and ask, group activity, and sometimes a quiz in evaluation in the last lesson. Teacher give additional point to the students who is active in class and cooperative in group activity. 

5. Others

Based on my observation in the first week of the program, the teacher sometimes gave an assigment for students to answer some question in the book and gave activity sheet for evaluation. 


Learning plan is a guide used to teach. Making lesson plans involves setting goals, developing activities, and determining the material to be used. 

1. Curriculum

ISAT Laboratory School uses Technical Secondary (for Grades 8-10).


1. To equip future teachers with adequate knowledge, skills and attitude in the field of scientific and technological education.

2. To implement relevant and updated teacher education curricula.To enhance research capabilities of faculty & student.To contribute to community development through outreach programs.

3. To encourage innovations and promote production of goods and services.

4. To provide advanced and relevant knowledge, skills and competencies needed by educational leaders and academics in improving the delivery of educational services.

5. To inculcate positive and desirable values among teachers and students as models of exemplary behavior.

6. To foster a strong sense of excellence, responsiveness and commitment.


1. To develop teaching competencies of teacher -education students along their specific fields of specialization.

2. To revise and upgrade the course content, course syllabi and instructional guides regularly.

3. To enrich capabilities of students and faculty members in conducting action researches.

4. To take active involvement in production jobs and entrepreneurial activities.


Since the school where i conducted my practice teaching have an everyday lesson plan for 1 topic and i used the lesson plan format from philipines.

The pictures above shows one example of my lesson plan for grade 8 Diamond and Gold

My Class Schedule


1. Procedure of Teaching

1. The students do the greeting and pray together and have one leader to lead pray.

2. The teacher give energizing to the students before start the lesson.

3. The students’ attendance checked by teacher

4. The teacher checked assignment and reviews the last topic.

5. The teacher give motivation.

6. The teacher explain about the lesson and ask students.

7. The students discuss about the task given by teacher.

8. The students deliver their result in front of class.

9. The students answer and give feedback from other students presentation.

10. The teacher explain about problem and before ending the class, Teacher give evaluation like activity sheet for students.

11. The teacher give assigment about the lesson for tomorrow.

2. Time Management and Organizing activities

1. 10 minutes for greeting, pray, energizing, checking assigment, word drill, riview and motivation.

2. 30 minutes for teacher’s explanation, explore, discussion, and presentation of the students.

3. 10 minutes for generalization, elaboration and evaluation.

4. 10 minutes for conclusion and assigment.

3. Problem Solving

The teacher provide the problem to be completed by the students to they have critical thinking and share them to be several group. Problem given relevant with topics that are learned.

4. Classroom Management

The teacher herself needs to manage the class well, such as power of voice, handling students, responsive in mentoring, facilitate in guiding, and deliver material and activities in allotted time. at the beginning of the meeting, I provided motivation to students by providing videos to support students’ learning interests. after that I give a question and who answers then I will give an award or words like “good”. While for certain problems I divided them into groups and at the end of the lesson I gave an evaluation in the form of an activity sheet as an assessment of the material I was teaching.


The first day that i have class to observation in diamond and gold class grade 8.

This time i go to class with Michelle, student teacher from philipines, because My cooperating teacher Mam Trance can’t join with us because she has schedule to observation in national high school. But for the next day Mam Trance join with us in the class.


This photo is asking students to take an exam. Where the exam that is being conducted is an exam every beginning of the week for 1 chapter that has been completed.

Mam trance gave this paper to me and said that this table of specification is a guideline in the test and the assessment of the chapter


Before I entered the classroom to teach, I always came to this room to meet my cooperating teacher for consultations and discuss the lesson plans and material that I would teach later. This room is the teacher’s office. In this room, I always make lesson plans related to the topic I will bring, because in this room I have wifi and make it easier for me to download pictures or videos that I need or reference to teach.



February 6, 2019 is my final evaluation teaching. My topic is about Human Life Cycle.

I teach about begets life, especially human life cycle and chromosomes. Where the process that I did was identification, description, and discussion. The material I use is a projector, laptop, whiteboard and activity sheet for evaluation. In presenting lessons I use power point, where in power point there are videos and pictures of motivation before starting the lesson and do not forget to be energizing.
As for discussion, I divided students into groups and discussed the human life cycle process and labeled the images I provided on paper. After each group is finished, they exchange papers and present their work in front of the class. for the first group to finish and the answer is correct, I give a gift.

I was very happy because the gold class I was teaching was very enthusiastic so that it helped me to give good lessons, although it was a little nervous.

This is picture of my evaluator Sir Jack, my cooperating teacher Mam Trance and Student teacher from philipines , Michelle.

My evaluation form


1.Purpose of Practicum

  1. To improve quality of students to be good teacher in Southeast Asia
  2. To develop their teaching skills and pedagogy
  3. To encourage to always use English in order to be able to become teachers who are ready to compete in the Asean zone

2. Procedures of Practicum

The first producedure, the teacher prepares a lesson plan before starting the lesson and has strategy in class then prepare topics, references, material and guidebooks. After that, the teacher teaching in class and continue with group activity, elaboration and the last is evaluation.

3. Outcomes of Practicum

The right learning method is used to achieve learning goals and has experience and insight to teach in the future, also can evaluate the system and how to teach in each country so that it can be used as a material for future improvement in teaching.

4. The Callenges of practicum

The challenges I face in teaching one of them is the language in which the students use English fluently and also their guidebooks are also English, different from Indonesia which generally uses language. So because it requires me to be even more active in improving my English skills.
The other thing is that the lesson plan used is very detailed and detailed and also the object that I teach is different from my major, namely chemistry, but thanks to the support and guidance of my cooperating teacher, everything feels easy to live through.

5. Overall Impression

The impression obtained by the student teacher is understanding the good way of teaching, and managing the class and managing a good class.
The other impression I got was my always-caring cooperating teacher and student teachers from the Philippines who always accompanied me in observation and teaching as well as students who were always enthusiastic about the lesson and always asked questions, such as in the diamond class that students were always actively asking, always fast in working on group assignments and with good answers too. One more thing is my impression is that their English is fluent, maybe because it’s indeed their second language, and there are no students in junior high school, senior high school who are seen smoking.

6. Suggestion for Future Improvement

I don’t have many suggestions for this school because the learning and education system is very good. In fact, I got a lot of lessons and suggestions for future improvements from the teacher who worked with me Mam Trance and my evaluator Sir Jack. In fact, I am very grateful to be able to join the sea teacher program and become part of ISAT University.